If you’re at all interested in joining us in New York City when we kick off the next round of Bulletproof Coach Training next month…

Right now, you still have (a little) time to reserve one of the last 10 spots available in the upcoming class. (After this next training, the program won’t be back on the East Coast until 2018).

Where Your Training Begins: Live two-day workshop coming up April 8-9 in Brooklyn, New York.

What Comes Next: After the in-person workshop, you’ll begin an immersive 9-month online virtual training program to become a Certified Bulletproof Coach (you can download a PDF with the full curriculum here).

How Can You Register? Visit the website here, for information on our ICF-accredited track and our NEW 12-month payment plan.

You Don’t Need Any Prior Experience As a Coach, Or Any Kind Of License Or Degree To Be a Part Of This...!

All you need is the passion and commitment to change your own life – plus the lives of countless like-minded people you’ll encounter as a Certified Bulletproof Coach.

And when you claim one of these last 10 spots, you’ll be able to take advantage of some awesome extra perks for signing up:

You Don’t Need Any Prior Experience As a Coach, Or Any Kind Of License Or Degree To Be a Part Of This...!

On top of your exclusive discount, you’ll also receive special bonuses when you sign up for the New York training – including...

1. Exclusive offers and discounts on products and events, such as the 5th Annual Bulletproof Conference and 40 years of Zen...

2. All 6 “Beyond the Bulletproof Diet Book” webinar recordings (these are mini-master classes with deep dives on everything from coffee, to sleep hacks, to the ultimate Bulletproof supplement stacks)…

3. Access to exclusive content from “Bulletproof:The Cookbook”…

4. Upgraded affiliate commissions anytime you recommend Bulletproof products (Coaches get 15% vs. the usual 10%)… and more.

So if you’ve given any thought at all to becoming a Bulletproof Coach this year, make sure to register for one of the final remaining spots, before it's too late.

Hope to see you there!